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The Cardiovascular SystemCheap Acupuncture

The Cardiovascular System

The role of the cardiovascular system is to facilitate the transportation of blood around the body. Blood plays a vital role in our functioning. It supplies nutrients, inducing oxygen; removes wastes; transports hormones and responds to damage and attack.


The main organ of this system is the heart. The arteries, veins and all their component parts are also included.


Put simply, the cardiovascular system works like a pump that is connected to an elaborate network of irrigation pipes.


First then, lets take a closer look at the pipes... essentially there are two major types of blood vessels in the body, the ones that lead oxygen rich blood away for the heart and those that bring CO2 rich blood back to the heart. There are several differences between these two, which are linked to their specific roles. The smallest vessels in the system are known as capillaries.

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